Responsible for the production department is Mr Roberto Rampini, one of the owners.
The printed circuit board assembly is performed by means of a full automatic system for the SMD mounting.

The SMD components are assembled on a  TWS Quadra Pick&Place equipment. This is the system dedicated to the mass-production of already validated products.

The PHT components soldering is performed with a Welding Tachnologies wave welder. This methodology is still of great help for the small and medium production batches and for the test sampling.
ART Elettronica has also a resin coating department, for further working processes such as:

  • Resin casting in special containers for electronic boards requiring an IP65 sealing
  • Protection and insulation of electronic boards with transparent insulating resin, by either spray or immersion methods.
  • More complex protections using silicone resins.

The functional test is finally performed on customized equipment made by us, which we develop while designing the electronic board.